We Can Reveal The Design Inspiration for 2012′s Noses

Aside from McLaren, the three other cars launched at the time of writing share one thing in common: a shitting ugly nose.

Caterham, Ferrari and Force India have a stepped nose as a result of a boring rule change this year that means that one bit of the car’s maximum height is higher than another bit. Geeky chaps have been wetting themselves over how to deal with it. The obvious way seems to be to draw a diagonal line between the highest and lowest allowed point and make a graceful change between the two. (as explained properly by the wonderful scarbs on his site)

But F1 designers, having no sense of humour have so far wanted it as high as possible and as low as possible all at once and so have used the literal allowable line, regardless of aesthetics.

Who gave the designers this ugly idea though? Well, we can reveal that whilst the F1 world has been wanking off about Ayrton Senna, a lot of the designers had the same eureka moment when looking at his rival.

Yes, the face of F1 2012, the nose that will feature on most the cars belongs to…

Alain Prost

  • http://twitter.com/ipitydafool Andrew Male

    I know where Ferrari got their inspiration from.