Di Resta proves lack of personality and opinions

Paul Di Resta has further cemented himself at the bottom of the F1 2013 personality charts with an interview with Autosport about his mystery team mate this year saying:

“It’s not my decision and it’s not something I am thinking about,”

Unable to actual have an opinion on anything, when pressed he said:

“I know both [Sutil and Bianchi] very well. They’re both good people, and they’ve both been part of the team for a long time.”

Asked how it was affecting him he said:

“It’s not affecting me in either way, shape or form.”

Then when posited that he might make an ideal replacement for Labour leader Ed Millibland he said:

“I’m very supportive of whoever it might be.”

Story Source: AUTOSPORT.com

Image Source: Caffeina on Flickr

  • Phil

    Ha! I read an article with Mansell and Piquet commenting on today’s F1. Those were real personalities in my opinion. Not afraid to say what they really mean. 

    Well, I say “personality” I obviously don’t mean it for Nigel Moustache, I mean Mansell.