Don’t eat broth at mercedes

If you are lucky enough in the 2013 season to be at a race and being entertained by the staff at the Mercedes motorhome, I would advise not eating the broth, if their technical director surplus is anything to go by then the kitchen will have sixteen chefs all vying for a spoon.

With Paddy Lowe making the oft-rumoured switch from Technical Director at McLaren to an as yet unspecified role at Mercedes this adds to a roster of Technical Directors from other teams with such glitterati as Aldo Costa, Ross Brawn, Geoff Willis and Bob Bell, all fairly senior before heading to the silver team which much beg the question of how are they all going to fill their time?

In communist Eastern Europe many educated professionals such as doctors and professors were ostracised by society if they spoke out about The Party. Unable to work in their adopted profession they would often be allocated menial tasks such as road sweeping or window cleaning, therefore it wasn’t totally unusual for a dedicated Party man to open his curtains one morning to see a childhood family doctor through the suds in the glass.

I fear the Mercedes situation may mean that some Technical Directors will leave the team top heavy and they’ll have to fill in the gaps in a similar way, taking the more menial tasks of a F1 operation.

So it might not be too far-fetched that in a couple of years if you order Mercedes broth it will be served to you by Adrian Newey in an apron.

Paddy Lowe to leave McLaren for Mercedes later this year >