LIVEBLOG: Barcelona Test – Day 1

We are go for the first test on a real circuit that hopefully won’t fall apart and have to be fixed by a visit to B&Q.

Williams have launched their 2013 car and Force India is still pretending that they are fine, really.

terrysaunders February 19, 201311:37 am

Kimi, Vettel and Alonso are having a right ding dong at the top of the timesheets – probably a taste of 2013 in general…

terrysaunders February 19, 201311:21 am

Kimi has just come out, done a super quick lap and gone back to sleep

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:59 am

Di resta goes di fasta – probably running away from an angry wine glass wielding Sutil!

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:55 am

Alonso is fastest!

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:52 am

Only just caught up on the news that Sutil will be doing a day in the Force India this week. In other news, hell just froze over…

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:27 am

McLaren and Mercedes currently vying for fastest lap times. Not these are particularly important. But the season long grudge match between Hamilton’s current and former employers is bound to be something to talk about

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:20 am

Green flag. Perez is whizzing round.

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:19 am

Terry is eating a banana! And there’s a red flag in barcelona, gutierrez has gone off, apparently

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:10 am

Autosport’s one has gems like this

“08:52 Press room latest: a man with a large earring and a big set of keys just walked in and pinched a lightbulb, but he did wipe his footprints off the table before leaving.”

We don’t even have a lightbulb

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:07 am

You’d be better off reading the autosport one here

They haven’t called Alonso a cunt yet either…

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:00 am

Alonso’s on track, apparently

terrysaunders February 19, 201310:00 am

Just to clarify, we aren’t at the test. This is just Terry avoiding work by sarcastically rewording the reports of actual journalists who are really there.