Sounds like Lewis is being blanked

Autosport reports that Lewis Hamilton “prayed” that Adrian Sutil would get his seat back. But reading between the lines it looks like Adrian still has a grudge.

Hamilton was present on the night in a Chines nightclub where Sutil glassed a guy but, probably advised by his superstar agents, kept a low profile in defending his ‘friend’.

It seems though that Lewis Hamilton has never experienced the ignomany of not having your phone calls returned as he seems blissfully ignorant to what is going on…

(from Autosport…)

The Briton said he has tried to get in touch with Sutil.

“I’ve emailed him several times,” Hamilton said.

“A while ago when I heard there was a potential that he would get the seat I said I would pray for him, that I really hoped he gets it, that he deserves it [and that] I hope to see him back in F1.

“And then I emailed him on the way here as soon as I found out and said congratulations, I’m really happy for him.”

It’s so sweet that Lewis is still bessie mates with his stabby chum, but what has Adrian said in return?

Hamilton said he was yet to talk to Sutil but would welcome the opportunity to do so.


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