Sutil? You have to be s***ting me

Adrian Sutil looks all set to return to Formula One this year. And that is a bad thing.

For now, let’s overlook the whole ‘glassing a team boss’ fiasco and focus on his career at Midland/Spyker/Force India. 90 races, three incarnations of the same team over four years and I can only remember that one time he was doing quite well at Monaco and then Kimi took him out.

Anyone competing regularly in F1 isn’t a shit driver, but nor was Adrian Sutil going to do anything but make up the lower points or race every lap without so much as a peep from the tv cameras.

A revival for his career (sponsorship money most probably) is punch in the face for F1, it should be signing up new and exciting drivers (Bianchi, for example, his rumoured rival for the seat) but instead it’s surviving on pay-drivers and weird nostalgia (Schumacher, Sutil, sons of old drivers) whilst asking us to pay for the privilege of watching.

Adrian Sutil may get a podium this year and make it seem worth it (although that seems more unlikely than ever), but what will actually happen is precisely nothing; another season where he’s only noticed due to a quirk of pit stop timings from the real drivers.

The sad state of affairs is he’s only likely to trouble the headlines if he glasses someone again, and with F1 now in three distinct groups of Championship-contenders, Also-rans and Pay-drivers I’d recommend smashing a wine glass…

Adrian Sutil handed second chance in Formula One > Telegraph.

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  • Rich

    I can’t believe a man capable of glassing another human being is capable of this…

  • Andrew Male

    I remember him sobbing in the garage like a little girl after Kimi knocked him out of the Monaco race in 2008.  That’s literally all I remember about Soootle.