2013.10 – Canadian Grand Prix Predictions

Who will hit the wall of champions, who will hit Perez in the face, who will have a secret test?

It’s time to predict who you think will win, go out first, get pole and all that – it’s the Canadian Grand Prix Predictions Podcast!

Leave your predictions in the comments for a tiny chance of an actual prize…

2013.10 Canadian Grand Prix Predictions Podcast – Listen/download here

  • Sally

    Come on BOYS, more podcast!!!!

    Good predictions, but here’s mine:
    #1 to kiss the wall of champions: Massa
    #1 to kill Perez, with Los Codos: Button
    Pole: Grumpy Old Di Resta
    #1 OUT: Rosberg (women will never win ~AGAIN~ in F1)
    Win: Grosjean <3

    Alonso's Whine of the day: “Massa, why don't you do what I tell you, run over Vettel! He needs BAD LUCK” STFU Alonso, you are an Abrasive CUNT!

  • Diatzo

    Pole: Hamilton
    Winner: Grosjean
    1st Out: Vettel

    Boat Race: Caterham
    Hit the wall of champions: Maldonado & Massa

  • Ali

    Pole: Hamilton
    Winner: ‘Nando
    1st out: Lord Chilton

    Boat race: Williams
    Wall of champions: Massa

    I reckon this weekend is the one where di Resta snaps and punches Perez in the face, it’s coming!

  • Ali

    oh, and most famous person on the gridwalk: Bryan Adams

  • Tom

    After watching the race I am certainly a huge fan of that cool new jamaican guy paul da rasta.