In 2007, two standup comedians that knew each other only a little bit travelled from London to Yorkshire to do a gig. The less-tall one (Kevin) was driving and the hairier one (Terry) was in the passenger seat.

On the drive back from the gig the conversation started to stall, some five hours already in to the nights driving time. One of them, history has forgotten which, tentatively mentioned that weekend’s F1 race – all four eyes in the car lit up and the journey back to London was full of various Formula One related chit chat.

After finding that most F1 podcasts were a bit boring and often just read out long lists of results offering no kind of opinion or humour they decided to give it a go themselves and anotherf1podcast was born.

Initially beginning halfway through Lewis Hamilton’s steller debut season and recording using a video camera and then taking off the audio the podcast soon became popular to upwards of ten people.

Then, not dissimilar to Derek & Clive being listened to by Led Zeppelin various F1 folk confessed to listening to their sordid chat and between 2007 – 2011 the podcast came out after (nearly) every race and Kevin and Terry got to visit the McLaren factory and even make a little film in the Caterham (then Lotus) base.

But 2012 brought Sky into play, the political heavyweights of an elitest sport that basically flaunts and burns money was a bit much and slowly the impetus to watch the racing and chat about it dried up and the 2012 Malaysian GP Podcast was the last…

…Until this year, nothing has changed politically and Kevin nor Terry still don’t have Sky, but it seems as though they missed talking about rich people for a living so they have returned with a new producer, Matt, in tow to make everything a little bit more professional sounding, who knows, maybe Ferrari will invite us for a cup of tea?