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2013.12 – German Grand Prix

No tyres popped but one flew right into a collar bone, Lewis goes backwards, then a Marussia ACTUALLY goes backwards, Vettel actually does a good win and Sir Frank contemplates his lot. It’s the German Grand Prix!


2013.11 – British Grand Prix

The tyre popping, carbon blowing, rosberg snoring, webber moaning, vettel slowing British extravaganza. It’s the British Grand Prix Podcast


Di Resta’s heavies

The #feeltheforce hashtag that Force India were pushing for their hundredth grand prix weekend seems to have actually been referring to Paul …

Canadian Grand Prix Predictions

2013.10 – Canadian Grand Prix Predictions

Who will hit the wall of champions, who will hit Perez in the face, who will have a secret test?

It’s time to predict who you think will win, go out first, get pole and all that – it’s the Canadian Grand Prix Predictions Podcast!


Spanish Grand Prix – Aftermath

Alonso reigns in spain (haha). Before recording the next anotherf1podcast we are reaching out for your thoughts on the Spanish Grand Prix.